5 Tips on How to Keep Your Tires in Top Form

Before you shop around for Harley Davidson Classic pre-1984 spoke wheels, here are top tips on how to keep your tires in top form. Put them to good use and your wheels will last you longer:

Check the tire pressure

Do this regularly. Is it underinflated? Make sure it isn’t. Always take a reading when the tires are cool, though.

Look up the weather report

Find a reliable site and check the weather reports if you plan on going somewhere. If you think you’re going to find yourself driving through wet conditions, then you’ll want to increase the air pressure in your tires by about 10 percent, says the Cruiser.

Inspect your alignment

Alignment problems can wear out your tires that much faster. Always check the position of your tires to make sure they’re on an even keel. Have the alignment fixed right away if you see any signs that it’s not balanced.

Stick with soap

Washing the road grime, dirt and caked mud off your tires is a must. But it’s best that you stick with soap and water. Other types of cleaning solutions and even protectants contribute to the wear and tear of your tires. Keep your tires from deteriorating by steering clear of these products. And if there’s any lube or brake fluid or gas in your tires, carefully wipe them away too. The last thing you’ll want to have while you’re cruising down the highway are slippery tires.

Don’t scrimp

If your tires are blown or clearly beyond repair and redemption, then shop for new Harley Davidson Classic pre-1984 spoke wheels. Even if you’ve only got one worn tire and the other tire seems to have some miles in it yet, it’s better to replace both so you won’t have to worry about uneven wear in the future.


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