3 Reasons to Practice Yoga in a Studio

There is plenty of free yoga instruction online, which is great if you already know how to do yoga and are away from the studio. If you’re just starting out, however, you’ll need to visit a yoga studio. Instructional videos on your laptop don’t compare to the experience in a yoga studio that specializes in what you’re doing. Yoga studios are a place to learn and grow. Here’s what makes the studio better than your home or the gym.

* Insightful instruction
One of the biggest downsides to doing yoga at home is you may not be doing the correct positions. Someone in a YouTube video can’t tell if you’re doing the position incorrectly. The online instructor may explain the position to you, but sometimes it may feel like you’re correct if it’s easier to do it one way, but it may be the incorrect form. In a yoga studio, the instructor can walk around and correct people to avoid injury and bad practice.

* You’re focused
Yoga at home can offer some more privacy, but often you can get distracted. You may check your phone when it goes off with a couple of messages or you start to get hungry and lose motivation to finish your session. A lot of things could be distracting at home that take away from a relaxing yoga session. In a studio, you’re present for class and you’ll have a much easier time staying focused and mentally in the session.

* Scheduled sessions keep you on track
It can be easy to slack off on your yoga routine at home, so going to weekly scheduled sessions will make sure you’re doing your yoga as often as you can. You start to make excuses at home, but a yoga studio allows you to select time slots, and if you’re missing out, you’re wasting your money.

Yoga should be done in a yoga studio, since you get the instruction to do the poses correctly and experience all the relaxations that go into doing yoga. If you’re looking for yoga classes in Williamsburg, VA, Studio South has the atmosphere and schedule you’ll need to be successful. Getting the full experience for yoga is important to being more relaxed and comfortable physically and mentally.

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