4 Questions to Ask Your Cleaning Service

Dusty cubicles. Dirt-streaked windows. Grimy floors. It can be tough to find the right cleaning service for your business. Knowing what questions to ask, though, should help you steer the conversation in the right direction:

1. Do you have insurance? Are you bonded?

If a worker gets injured while working at your workplace, you could end up footing the bill if they aren’t bonded or insured. So make this one of the first questions on your list.

2. What cleaning products do you use?

It’s wiser to pick a company offering janitorial services in Oswego that packs along its own cleaning products. That means they mean business. Members of that crew are also more likely to know the right products to choose so you can get the work done faster without ending up with a huge stain on your carpet.

3. Do you have references?

These days, it’s always nice if a cleaning crew comes highly recommended by someone you know and trust. If that’s not the case, though, no worries. Ask around, says Better Homes and Gardens. Find companies through Better Business Bureau. Check the company name and look over any of the complaints that pop. Review the complaints carefully. Not all bad reviews are on the cleaning crew. However, if there’s a pattern, then your best bet might be to consider another choice.

4. How do you screen your cleaners?

Know how they hire and train the right people for the job. This could give you some handy insight into what companies you could efficiently work with and not.

Lastly, trust your gut. Cleaning crews come into your office so it’s an absolute given that they should be someone you and your employees can trust. So if there’s anything fishy that makes you uncomfortable around them, examine those nagging worries. There might be a good reason for them.


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