3 Ways Local SEO Experts Can Turn Things Around

Bad reviews could be more disastrous to your business than you might think. Marketing Land says positive online reviews influence about 90 percent of customers while 89 percent say negative reviews affect their buying decisions. If you have a few bad reviews you want to bury, effective local search engine optimization campaigns can go a long way to getting that done. Here’s how SEO experts can help you:

Assess your situation

A reputable team of SEO experts will look at your marketing campaigns and evaluate your brand’s position in the market. Once they figure that out, they should find it easy to determine what’s wrong with your marketing campaigns, whether it’s a case of bad strategy or aiming for the wrong market.

Plan and build a strategy

By now, you know how important it is to make sure your SEO efforts and branding campaigns are tied up with your overall marketing strategy. You aren’t just haphazardly marketing or promoting your brand or business. That’s a waste of your resources. You’re doing it to fulfill a goal, whether that goal is to boost traffic to your site, increase your followers or expand your reach. By building a marketing strategy that addresses your organizational needs and priorities, SEO experts can help you make the most out of every marketing dollar you spend.

Execute those plans

Whatever form or way it might involve—whether it’s improving your online presence, ensuring your information on online listings is accurate or helping you build as well as maintain social media pages—SEO pros can help you get the positive boost you need to land your site on the first page of the SERPs. With expert local search engine optimization assistance, you can say goodbye to bad reviews and start welcoming the good ones as they come rolling in.


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