3 Tips for having a Catholic Based Ceremony outside of the Church

With all the time, effort and money spent to prepare for your big day, you want your wedding to be as close to perfect as possible. Even if everything falls into place leading up to the ceremony, the wedding minister still has the weighty burden of grabbing the baton and crossing the finish line. Here are 3 tips you can follow to improve the minister’s overall performance at your wedding.

Explain All the Details in Advance and have rehearsal

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to bombard the minister on the day of your wedding with an extensive list of to-do items, changes and requests. It is important to realize that the officiant is there to perform the ceremony only and not aide in coordination of your ceremony. Unexpected chaos may erupt but will be easy to handle if you and your officiant mapped out everything prior. Our suggestion is to have rehearsal so all minor details are rehearsed.

Review Your Expectations & Beliefs

Remember, every wedding minister is different – especially if you go with one that is tied to a specific denomination. Each religious group hosts wedding ceremonies in different ways. A Baptist wedding is going to be completely different from a Catholic wedding. You need to take the time to iron out all your beliefs and the key differences that separate your wedding needs and religious requirements from other denominations. Doing so will make it easy for your Catholic wedding priest to fulfill his duties successfully.

Be Patient, No One is Perfect

Having realistic expectations for your wedding minister is another important point to follow. You may have dreamed about what your minister would do or say that would make the day even more memorable and special. You may picture a TV show or movie in which the minister did and said all the right things. Avoid becoming too attached to your visions and expectations. Instead, pay close attention to the strengths and weaknesses of the actual minister. At the end of the day, a realistic and beautiful wedding is still a lot more memorable than a fictitious, televised wedding. There is nothing wrong with painting your big day with realistic expectations.


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