3 Questions To Ask Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Companies

As an OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturer, having a partnership with a reliable company for custom sheet metal fabrication is an ideal situation. This allows the OEM to have a vetted, trusted and reliable producer of parts and components for any type of project and for any type of order volume.

Finding this ideal match for an OEM is not always easy. There are a lot of different options in both custom sheet metal fabrication service providers as well as processes. Researching and talking with prospective sheet metal fabricators will always be an essential step in the process.

Experience with Similar Orders

The expertise and experience of the sheet metal fabricator, particularly in custom design and fabrication, need to be carefully evaluated. The more experience the company has, the more efficient they will be in both the design services as well as the actual fabrication.

These companies also tend to employ highly experienced equipment operators who have years in working with precision requirements from customers. This goes hand-in-hand as they will also have the best equipment, which will be essential for turnaround times on high volume orders.

Quality Control Programs in Place

Many shops have some type of quality control, but for OEMs, looking for an ISO 9001 certified company is critical. This verifies the company uses ongoing flaw detection throughout fabrication and also works to improve the process to increase efficiency and decrease production time.

Ability to Provide Finishing Services

Many custom sheet metal fabrication shops are stand-alone types of shops. Other companies have networks of subcontractors or sub-suppliers which are able to provide finishing for parts.

By working through the custom fabrication company for the secondary services, the logistics of the two operations can be managed by the fabrication company, reducing the amount of work on the in-house team while still maintaining top quality control and process reliability.


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