Your Vascular Health can be improved with the Help of a Skilled Medical Team

In the past, anyone who has suffered from spider or varicose veins probably dreaded seeking treatment for their issue. Due to the fact vein stripping can be painful and take a couple of weeks to recover from.  Varicose and spider veins may not be a serious medical problem however, they can be painful and very unattractive to look at. They can cause a variety of symptoms, from swelling of the legs to a throbbing, aching pain in their legs. Even though many people live each day with this issue if they are neglected they can result in more severe problems. A vein clinic in Chicago has the technology available today to help improve the vascular health of their patients in a less invasive way.

Advantages of Endovenous Laser Ablation

Surgery is usually necessary to help heal the damaged veins in a person’s leg. In the past the most used method to treat large varicose veins was by performing surgical ligation and stripping. This process consisted of the problematic veins to be tied shut and then removed through small cuts in their skin. With this procedure patients are at risk for breathing or heart problems from the anesthesia that is used. The wound could become infected and even leave behind unattractive scars. However with EVLT, the process can be completed in a clinic within 30 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia and causes very little if no pain to the patient. While surgery would require the person to spend the next few weeks recovering with EVLT, they can return to their normal activities the same day of the procedure. There is little or no scarring after the treatment has been completed and will help improve the flow of blood through the patient’s body.

Be Proud to Show of Your Legs when You Seek Treatment from an Expert

The discolored and bulging veins can leave people feeling uncomfortable due to how unattractive they appear. A professional can help them regain their confidence to wear shorts and skirts by eliminating their spider or varicose veins. An expert will take the time to provide their patients with enough information on the options they have available to treating problems with their veins. With this info, the person will be able to make an educated decision on which treatment will help with their medical condition.

Veins without Surgery is a reputable vein clinic in Chicago. Visit their website today to view more information on the services this skilled medical team can provide for their clients.


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