Your Rights as an Employee From a Workplace Injury Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

Employees need to understand their rights after an injury in the workplace. Unfair practices cost injured employees money and can prevent people from getting necessary medical care. Worker’s compensation programs exist to protect people, so everyone should know their rights.

Get Medical Help

After a workplace injury, the employee needs to visit a doctor as soon as possible to prevent added harm. An employer cannot refuse to allow an employee to leave to receive medical attention. The employer can choose what doctor the worker visits for this purpose.

File a Report

All state worker’s compensation boards require employers to notify them of an injury within a specified amount of time. The employee may contact the board and file a form on their own if their employer refuses to cooperate. Contact a Workplace Injury Attorney in Boston MA if confused about how to file the notification.

Receive Compensation Benefits

Most employers of a certain size must legally supply worker’s compensation coverage. The victim of any workplace accident has a right to compensation in some form. Employees should receive their work pay for the time spent at a hospital or clinic after an accident and should not receive a bill for the treatment. If a severe injury occurs, worker’s compensation must cover all related costs and lost work time.

Keep a Job

An employer cannot fire an employee for filing a worker’s compensation claim. Of course, some people do lose their job after an accident, and employers use other reasons as an excuse. Any employee that believes the firing occurred because of their accident needs to contact a Workplace Injury Attorney in Boston MA.

File an Appeal

Worker’s compensation boards sometimes deny a claim after an accident or illness. An employee that has a genuine claim has the right to appeal the decision. Of course, the submission of the same information could result in another denial. Employees must supply a better case for themselves to have success.

It is easy for people to become frustrated with the process and give up, but that is not an acceptable solution. Employers with unsafe workplaces and a habit of denying employees their rights, risk the wellbeing of all their workers. Visit the website to learn how to take control of the situation and get fair compensation.

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