Your Heating And Cooling In New Haven CT Should Be Installed, Maintained And Repaired

One of the keys to a long lasting heating or cooling system is proper maintenance and repair. Changing the air filter regularly will eliminate some of the dirt from entering the system, but not all of it. Wires can become loose, and belts can stretch, fray or break. Heating and Cooling in New Haven CT should only be performed by a highly-trained technician. They can quickly identify a potential problem in the system and offer a homeowner an affordable solution to their problem. They can perform tune-ups and maintenance on a regular basis that will reduce energy costs and keep a home a comfortable temperature.

Another service a company experienced in Heating and Cooling in New Haven CT provides is duct cleaning. This service is one of the best things to improve the indoor air quality of a home. Whether it’s new construction or an older home, viruses, bacteria, molds, dirt, animal dander, and other allergens can become trapped in the duct work. These things will continually travel throughout a home causing sinus congestion and breathing problems. They can be eliminated with a truck that’s equipped with a large vacuum. A technician will cut a small hold in the cold and hot air duct work and use special tools to flush the dirt and debris into the vacuum.

A reputable HVAC company will offer service plans to homeowners. They usually include a yearly check-up and tune-up on the system as well as cleaning of the heating or cooling unit. Air conditioners need to have their coils and drain hose cleaned to keep it operating at its best. A furnace should be cleaned and have the heat exchanger inspected regularly. This can only be performed by a technician with a camera that can reach inside to see if there’s any cracks, rust, or damage. If the heat exchanger is cracked, the furnace must be replaced, and the furnace should not be operated.

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