Your Child Psychologist And Learning Disorders

If your child does not seem to be engaged in school, is falling behind and does not seem able to grasp certain concepts, he or she may have a learning disability (LD). LDs affect your child’s ability to handle much that school and even life demand from them. While you could hesitate, the wisest course to take is to consider testing. For this, you should talk to those at your child’s school and contact a Child Psychologist in Palo Alto CA. By working together, you can diagnose and evaluate the specific LD or LDs affecting your child.

Three Common Child Learning Disorders

DSM-5 defines and explains the diverse types and characteristics of “Specific Learning Disorder(s).” Among the types in this category most commonly exhibited in children are the following three:

1. Dyslexia: This LD is based on language skills including reading

2. Dysgraphia: If your child exhibits problems with writing, he or she may very well have this form of LD

3. Dyscalculia: Does your child have issues with math? He or she may have this form of LD Diagnosing a learning disability is a process.

No matter how well you know your child. No matter how certain you are convinced he or she has an LD, you need to have irrefutable proof of the specifics. You need to know what LD she or he may have before you can address it. This requires testing by a trained specialist – a child psychologist.

Childhood Psychologist and Learning Disorders

When your child is suffering at school, as a parent, you want to do what is best for him or her. In order to discover the problem, you need to work with professionals. No matter how well you know your child, a child psychologist is the only one who can accurately assess the problem and work with you and other specialists to prepare a plan beneficial for your child as he or she moves forward.

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Mabel has a goal. Using a variety of assessment tests, she provides a comprehensive evaluation of your child. As an accredited, skilled and knowledgeable Child Psychologist, she also provides an accurate diagnosis and offers helpful interventions. She and her team are dedicated to helping your child and your family address the situation in the best means possible. For further information, visit You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates


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