You Could Be Eligible for Minneapolis Workers’ Compensation for PTSD

You’ve probably heard about the workers’ compensation benefit, and you know that it’s something that employees can get if they get hurt on the job. However, you might not know that you could be eligible for PTSD workers compensation in Minneapolis. PTSD is a condition that causes unwanted flashbacks and irrational fears because of a traumatic situation that happened. You may be eligible for PTSD workers’ compensation if:

You Receive a Bonafide Diagnosis

To be eligible for workers’ compensation, you have to receive a true diagnosis of the condition from a professional medical provider. Your condition must also be serious enough to cause you to miss work.

Your Job Caused the PTSD

You must prove that you came down with PTSD because of something relating to your work or the people at your job. All workers’ compensation claims are contingent upon the injury being work-related.

Your PTSD Causes You to Miss Work

Your PTSD must be severe enough to whereas you cannot function and perform your regular work duties. The professional that you see will decide if it’s severe enough, and he or she will provide the documentation so that you can pursue your case.

Once you get all of your documentation in order, you can speak to an attorney for PTSD workers compensation in Minneapolis to get help with your case. This type of attorney can fight for you if the issuing organization denies your claim, as well. You deserve to be taken care of if you suffer mental illness because of something that has to do with your job. Don’t hesitate to pursue the care that you need.


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