Worship – 3 Things You Should Know About Latin Mass in Detroit, MI

If you are Catholic, then you may be curious about Latin Mass Detroit services. Traditional Latin Mass is known as the extraordinary form of mass. This language was adopted in the fourth century by Christians in Rome. Read on to find out things you should know when attending mass.

The Priest Says “Our Father”

The Lord’s Prayer is one of the differences between the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. In traditional Latin Mass Detroit, the priest acts as the person of Christ and recites the prayer the way Christ did to his disciples. Your priest is the only person that says, “Our Father.”

Receiving Communion

An altar rail is used to separate an area for the congregation to receive Holy Communion. You will need to come forward and kneel at the altar rail. In a traditional mass, the priest will place the Host directly on the tongue of the communicant. You also do not need to say Amen after receiving the Host. The priest responds with Amen.

Everything is in Latin

Some parishes are incorporating the use of some Latin in their services. It is especially common during holidays like Christmas and Easter. Parishes also use Latin during Lent and Advent. If you attend mass, then you should expect everything to be in Latin.

You are invited to worship in one of Detroit’s oldest Catholic churches. Some churches offer a schedule of masses and community events. Contact Old St. Mary at www.oldstmarysdetroit.com to experience the presence of the Lord.


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