Working With a Bondsman in Midwest City, Oklahoma

Hiring a Bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma is an act performed multiple times a day by people from all walks of life. Any arrest could lead to the need for a little assistance with the bail amount and a bail bond service will provide that help to anyone with the proper amount of collateral. Not everyone is familiar with how this service is performed, so here is how to hire a bondsman and help a friend or family member get out of jail quickly.

Know the Facts

Before making a call make certain to know where the person is being held and the amount of the bail. Having their booking number handy will speed up the process but the bondsman is able to retrieve that information on their own as well. The full name of the person in custody is a requirement so make certain not to provide previous married names, maiden names or a nickname.

Prepare the Collateral

Any valuable is acceptable to use as collateral for the bail. This includes vehicle titles, real estate and jewelry. Just remember that these items will become the property of the bail bond service if the client does not attend court as required. Any collateral used must belong solely to the defendant or the person signing the bail agreement. Mortgaged homes or any type of property with a lien against it may not qualify.

Watch for Schemes

It is not unusual for scammers to take advantage of people unfamiliar with the criminal justice system. Avoid any Bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma that approaches the person arrested or their family and offers their services. Only use verifiable companies that operate according to current state law. Also, reject the help of a bail bond that says they will perform the service for free. There is always a charge with legitimate companies because they are operating a business.

Contact Ken Boyer Bail Bonds to learn all of the details regarding bail bond services, how they work and what they cost. All clients will need to sign a contract before any bond is posted. The bail bond service will remain in contact with their client throughout the legal process until the matter is resolved.


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