Wisdom Teeth Problems Need Dental Treatment in Brookville PA

Wisdom teeth can become problematic in many ways. They are the last teeth to erupt through the gum surface and sometimes, there simply is not enough room. When wisdom teeth become problematic, individuals need to seek dental treatment in Brookville PA. The following offers information on what individuals can expect from the treatment process.

Common Reasons Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed

There are several different reasons a person might need to seek dental treatment in Brookville PA. The following are some of the common reasons wisdom teeth need to be removed.

  • The most common reason for wisdom tooth removal is a lack of room. Because these teeth come in later in life, individuals often already have a full mouth of teeth. When there is a lack of room, these teeth need to be removed.
  • Wisdom teeth are also difficult to clean. When an individual cannot properly brush their wisdom teeth, they can end up developing decay. When the wisdom teeth are becoming decayed, it is wise for the individual to have them removed.
  • A person’s wisdom teeth may also need to be removed if they become impacted. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth become stuck down in the gum tissue or they come in sideways. When this happens, the dentist needs to remove them.
  • Wisdom teeth also often need to be removed when a person is going to go through orthodontic treatment, so the teeth will respond to the braces.

What Can Individuals Expect?

When going through wisdom tooth removal, the patient may receive local or general anesthesia. Often, when all four wisdom teeth are being removed, the dentist will use general anesthesia to ensure the process is safe.

Most people do not feel any major pain as they recover, but there will be some soreness and swelling. Eating a soft foods diet will help individuals to eat comfortably on their tender gums. If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth and would like to learn more, contact us. Call the office today to schedule your initial consultation. Removing your problematic wisdom teeth will protect your oral health and prevent other problems from arising.


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