Window Blinds in The Woodlands TX – Types of Blinds That You Can Buy

Modern window blinds are quickly replacing traditional drapes and curtains in most houses around the country. It’s very difficult to maintain traditional drapes and curtains. In case the curtains get stained, you will have to remove them and get them dry cleaned (which costs a lot of money). However, you don’t need to worry about this if you choose blinds. Just take a dry cloth and rub off the dirt or stains from the blinds, leaving them as good as new! However, if you are interested in buying blinds for your place, you should know that there are several different styles available in the market. Making the right choice is important for consistency and enhancing the décor of your room.

Venetian BlindsThe most popular window blinds in The Woodlands TX are venetian blinds. They are very stylish and elegant to look at, and also provide functionality and convenience at a relatively affordable price. These blinds will look great in any room, and can complement the interior décor. They are made of horizontal slats that are placed on top of each other and are held together by thin strings.

Vertical Blinds

A slightly different option is to opt for vertical blinds. Even though the design is relatively similar to Venetian blinds, vertical window blinds have a vertical pulling system rather than a horizontal one. The slats are arranged vertically next to each other. This minimizes the amount of dust collected by the blinds, when compared with Venetian blinds. The same mechanism is used for light control as the one used in Venetian blinds. These types of blinds are also available in different sizes, so you can choose one that best suits your needs.

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