Will I Really Save Money with Commercial Hand Dryers?

If you still offer paper towels in your restrooms, you may wonder if switching to commercial hand dryers will really save you money, particularly after the cost of buying and installing the dryers. Here are some facts to help you justify the cost of making the switch.

  • The dryers will pay for themselves very quickly. A hand dryer can dry 100 pairs of hands for about the same cost as one paper towel, so you can see how the savings will add up quickly over buying towels. Many customers pay for their dryers in towel savings in as little as three months.
  • Your extra electricity costs will be minimal. Commercial hand dryers are very energy efficient. Operating the dryers is far less expensive than paying for towels, and is better for the environment, too. You’ll know you are doing your part to keep paper out of our landfills.
  • You’ll save money in keeping restrooms clean. If you’re paying your employees to keep your restrooms clean, you’ll see an increase in productivity when they have to empty trash less often and don’t have to spend their time picking up towels littering the floor, replacing towels in the dispensers, or unclogging toilets that have had paper towels flushed. Your restrooms will consistently look cleaner, too.

To see exactly how much you can save, and calculate how quickly you’ll recoup your investment in commercial hand dryers, talk to a reputable dealer.  If you know how many paper towels you use in a year, and approximately how much those towels cost, it is very easy for your dealer to show you how much money you can save by switching to commercial hand dryers. You may be amazed at the cost savings, as well as by how much cleaner your restrooms look.

American Dryer can help you to see how much you can save by switching to commercial hand dryers for your business.


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