Wild Rose Herbal Detox Based On Centuries Of Proven Effective Use

Wild rose hips were valued by North American Indian tribes for uncounted centuries as a food source with high nutritional value. For example, wild rose hips are extremely high in vitamin C, providing almost 200% of the DV (Daily Value) in one serving. They also contain 24% DV of vitamin A. That’s just for starters. Wild rose hips not only contain an array of other vitamins in smaller amounts, but they are also a rich source of minerals, including calcium (5% DV), magnesium (5% DV) and potassium (3% DV).

Along with vitamins and minerals, wild rose hips are high in fibre with 27% DV in a single serving. So as a straight up food source, wild rose hips pack a powerful nutritional punch. But Native Americans also clearly recognized this food source for its healing properties. Rose hips are mildly sedative, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and even anti-parasitic.

They also serve as mild laxatives, can lower cholesterol and serve as a “heart tonic.” When taken internally, rose hips display anti-inflammatory effects that make them valued for sore throats or ulcers and relief of inflamed joints. Solid scientific research shows they can stimulate the liver and blood circulation. But in the past three decades or so, wild rose hips have been tapped as an extremely powerful component for detoxification of the human body. That’s why wild rose herbal detox programs are among the most popular choice for those who want to go on a cleanse.

Wild rose herbal detox plans leverage various acids within rose hips that produce diuretic and laxative effects. This helps flush out the digestive system while removing toxins. Also removed are salts, liquids and fats. A powerful detox program does more than remove unwanted toxins, it adds high-impact nutrients to the body that deliver proactive health benefits. That’s what wild rose herbal detox accomplishes.


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