Why Your Real Estate Agent Is Essential When Looking at Lewes, DE Homes for Sale

The real estate market is heating up here in Lewes, DE for both buyers and sellers. Lewes, DE homes for sale are being snatched up faster than they have been in nearly a decade, and those selling their homes are receiving generous bids and offers.

If there is one thing which a real estate agency knows, it is that trying to “go it alone” in the real estate market is often a huge mistake for buyers. Not only have some agents been living in Lewes, DE and know the city’s real estate market better than most, but an agency brings a host of other key benefits to the table. The most important benefit:

Greater Access to Better Properties

What many buyers do not realize is that many of the most desirable properties are moved off of the market before they are even publicly listed. By hiring real estate agents, they are able to give you access to all of the other properties which have been listed by other agents. A real estate agency is also often fortunate enough to know of which properties are soon going to be put up for sale soon, which may be entering into foreclosure, and more.

Negotiating a Better Price for You

For many buyers and sellers, the negotiation process is not their strong suit. It can be intimidating, and unless you have a full understanding of the current real estate climate, you may be making major mistakes and missing out on huge opportunities to invest or sell a property.

This is where agents are experts. First, they listen to exactly what it is that the clients want and what sort of budget they have for a property. Then the agent is able to give the clients a realistic perspective on what they can expect to pay for a property in the Lewes, DE area, and what sort of offers are most likely to be accepted by the buyer.

In some instances, the agency has even been able to negotiate upgrades for property buyers, all without insulting the seller or losing the sale. If you are not a fan of the wood paneled entertainment room with a shag carpet, the agency can negotiate having the renovations performed at no expense to a buyer or the cost of the renovation taken off of the cost of the property.

Finalizing the Paperwork

The worst part for many buyers when looking at Lewes, DE homes for sale is the paperwork. First, there is the purchase contract, and then there are the conditions which must be very clearly and specifically written, and then there is considering when they should be removed.

Not only is this process a headache, but also it can be costly. For example, if you plan to purchase a home with a mortgage and yet the mortgage is not approved, you may not only lose your deposit. You could also be sued by the seller for failure to fulfill the contract.


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