Why You Should Opt to, Replace Your Old Cabinetry with Custom Wood Cabinets

Old cabinetry can be a real headache to deal with. From doors that stick or won’t fully close, to cracked, peeling surfaces and broken hinges, the list of things that go wrong with standard factory cabinets goes on. When it comes time to consider repair or replacement, think about custom wood cabinets. The comparative price for such may surprise you, along with the benefits.

Guaranteed to Fit

The biggest perk about having anything custom is that you can rest easy knowing it will fit into your existing space. Unlike pre-built cabinetry, where you often have to finesse and tweak it to get things just right, custom made wood cabinets will be made individually, to your specifications. Ordering from a company that has a long-standing reputation for quality can further ensure you get the perfect fit each time.

They Look Better

While you can get cabinets that have been surfaced to look like real wood, nothing can compare to the real deal. Solid wood cabinets have an unmistakable presence in a room, and they make a serious impression. They have a natural warmth to them that lends to their majestic appearance. The very nature of solid wood gives the impression of sturdiness and longevity. If you want to create a country, homey, rustic, or even woodland sophisticated look, solid wood is the way to go.

Wood Cabinets Last

Why let your standard cabinetry nickel and dime you over the years when you can invest in quality wood cabinets? While the cheaper solution may seem viable at the time, little repairs add up and before you know it, you’ve spent more to try and maintain the inferior quality cabinets than it would have cost to have a custom set made. Solid wood that is maintained can last for the life of a home, so long as the piping behind them is kept from leaking.

It Can Improve Your Home’s Value

The better your home looks, the more value it is appraised at. Having custom made wood cabinets in your home or cabin can markedly improve its appeal. Prospective buyers will not only happily pay more for them; but they will also feel more inclined towards home that have already had such work done. The reason being is that most home buyers end up having to remodel a new place to some degree and not having to redo the cabinetry can save them time and potentially money as well.

For the very best in custom wood cabinets for your home or cabin, contact Timber Valley Millwork today. They serve customers all over the United States and Canada.

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