Why You Should Never Use a Bath Towel at the Gym

It is not uncommon for someone who exercises on a regular basis to wonder precisely what the difference is between a towel you use after a shower and the towel you take to the fitness center with you. They are both towels so it might seem as if either would do for exercise. The truth is there is a lot more to it than that. There are multiple reasons you should choose a workout towel with a pocket over a towel you have hanging in your bathroom.

Fiber Composition

When it comes to the material of a towel, there is often a difference between a bath and workout towel. Most towels that are intended for bathing are made of either cotton or a blend of cotton and other material. Workout towels can be cotton, as well. However, you’ll also find them in cotton blends, microfiber, and even Tencel. While cotton may be fine for many gym-goers, having additional options is a positive aspect of a workout towel with a pocket.

Towel Weight

Another important aspect of choosing a towel is the weight. This is measured in grams per square meter (or GSM). It may also be measured in pounds per dozen if buying towels in larger numbers. The number relates to the absorbency and softness of the towel. In most cases, bath towels have a much higher density than a workout towel. For example, a dozen workout towels might be three pounds for a dozen while a dozen bath towels might have a density of 18 or more.

Advantages of Using a Workout Towel with a Pocket

There are numerous advantages associated with fitness towels when used in a workout environment. We’ll look at some of the most important below:

  • Gym towels are typically lighter than a bath towel, which makes them easier to pack up in your duffel bag when you’re going home.
  • Gym towels are often smaller than a bath towel, so they are easier to carry around a fitness center.
  • Gym towels dry more quickly than a bath towel, so you can wash them and reuse them without a long wait.

Premium Fitness Towels

When you choose a premium gym towel, you get something that is made for a specific reason. These towels are typically more convenient and hygienic to use in a workout environment. If you are looking for one of the best gym towels out there, Towel Tech has you covered. You can find out more at www.TowelTech.com.


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