Why You Should Hire a Poured Flooring Professional

Poured Flooring, also known as epoxy coating, adds a shiny water and stain resistant top to your concrete floor. It is used most often in garages, but commercial buildings also use them and you can even use them in your home. There are do-it-yourself epoxy coating kits available in stores, but it is a much better idea to go with a professional. The extra cost is worth it for these reasons.


There are many different decorative options with epoxy coating. You might not find all the available options at your local home repair store. A flooring company will strive to provide you with every option. These options include different colored epoxy and decorative chips of varying sizes and colors that are spread around the floor to make it sparkle.


A professional is going to know much more than you about what works for your floor. If the floor you want covered isn’t cement, then do you know for sure if the epoxy will work or anything different you’ll have to do to make the epoxy work correctly? A professional will take a look at the floor you want Poured Flooring on and assess the work.


Covering your floor with epoxy coating isn’t as easy as pouring the liquid and spreading it around. You must prepare the floor first before pouring. That’s extra work for you and if you don’t have the correct tools then it will also cost extra money. The floor must be scraped up to make it porous so that the epoxy sticks better and evenly. This requires a machine that you’ll have to purchase or rent.

Proper Application

Pouring epoxy might seem easy, but it isn’t. You pour the coating and then spread it around with a squeegee brush. The difficulty comes with spreading the epoxy evenly and smoothly. You don’t want warps in the floor and you don’t want to squeegee yourself into a corner. A professional knows how to properly apply the epoxy for a perfect and shiny floor.

Aren’t this all good reasons to spend that extra money to hire a professional to pour your epoxy flooring? Check out website for more information on poured epoxy flooring and to get an estimate.


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