Why You Should Consult a Workmen Compensation Lawyer in Minnesota

When you get injured at work, one of the first things you’ll have to do is to file a worker’s compensation claim. Unfortunately, this can be a complex and time-consuming process in a time when you need financial relief in a hurry. It’s often highly beneficial to hire an attorney who has experience in filing claims for workmen’s compensation insurance in Minnesota. Here are a few specific advantages of hiring a lawyer to help you file your claim.

Increase Your Chances For a First-Time Approval

It’s very common for injured employees to get turned down for worker’s compensation with their first application. Typically, this is because the paperwork was filled out incorrectly or incompletely, or denial may be the result of missing a deadline. An attorney can help you submit the necessary documentation and ensure everything is submitted on time, increasing your chances for approval.

Obtain a Fairer Amount

Even though you may have been working an average of 60 hours per week prior to your accident, the company providing your employer with workmen compensation insurance in Minnesota may try to pay you the equivalent of just 40 hours per week. This is just one-way insurance companies will try to cheat you out of the fair amount you should be receiving. Your attorney will negotiate a fairer agreement for you.

Appeal Your Denial

A lawyer can also help you appeal your denial. Regardless of why your claim was denied, a lawyer skilled in workmen’s compensation law can help you get your claim reviewed and approved. This will ensure you won’t suffer financial hardships as a result of your workplace injuries.


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