Why You Need Chiropractic Care For Whiplash in Black Jack, MO

When people are in car accidents where they are struck from behind, they quite often suffer whiplash injuries. This occurs when the neck muscles react to the force with a rapid and forward motion. This sudden movement causes the ligaments and tendons of the neck to stretch and, in some cases, even tear. After injuries such as this, it is imperative that they find a chiropractor to treat Whiplash Black Jack MO.

An experienced chiropractor can examine the nature of the injury and recommend an appropriate treatment plan based on the injury and the overall condition of the patient. When they enter a Back And Neck Care Center, patients will most likely undergo an initial examination and review or their medical histories. They will then undergo a routine physical exam, which helps the doctor understand their body mechanics better. It is not uncommon for a chiropractor to order an x-ray or even an MRI of the spine to determine degenerative changes that may be pre-existing. After these examinations, the chiropractor will devise a treatment plan for the patient.

When someone suffers Whiplash Black Jack MO, they will want to seek treatment right away. What will most likely be used to treat the injury is spinal manipulation. This may entail different techniques including specific spinal manipulation, instrument-assisted manipulation, flexion distraction, and also decompression spinal manipulation. Additionally, the doctor may also recommend manual therapies to treat various injuries. These may include therapeutic massage, stretching techniques, trigger point therapy, and instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy.

It is critical for the patient to seek treatment immediately after any type of accident where there is whiplash. Besides car crashes, these may also be caused by sports injuries and from certain amusement park rides where there may be impacts or sudden starts. Some symptoms of whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, dizziness, blurred vision, and even headaches. These symptoms usually appear within the 24 hours following the accident or incident that caused the injury. Patients will be wise to continue under the care of a chiropractor even after they have been treated for the original injury. Regular chiropractic care can help them enjoy better health, circulation, and balance.


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