Why You And Your Customers Need A Full Swatch Card Catalogue

The modern world is full of choice, which can be just as confusing as it is convenient. Having a large variety to present to your customers is great, but you need to make it easy for them to peruse their options and make a choice quickly. Here’s why you need to consider a full swatch card catalogue.

Save Money

While it can be convenient for you to buy materials in bulk, this can also get expensive fast. You could try to have every product in every available fabric in stock at all times, but that amount of product can become a nightmare to keep track of. Plus, there are likely to be varieties that no one wants to purchase, and you’ll have to sell at a discount just to get rid of it.

Save Space

Most businesses simply don’t have the space to keep products in every fabric available at all times, and most customers probably aren’t willing to look through them all. Having a swatch catalogue makes it easy to keep your fabric options all in one place, so that customers can quickly scan for fabrics they would like.

Offer More

Trends are changing all the time, but with a swatch catalogue, you don’t have to scramble to keep up. You can simply add cards when new options become available and remove them when you no longer want to offer them. You can offer more varieties to your customers in a way that is ultimately the most convenient for you.

If you need a way to organize and display the fabrics available for your products, a swatch card catalogue could be the solution for you.


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