Why Would You Turn To A Family Law Attorney?

People that are in a familial relationship; husbands and wives, domestic partners, grandparents and even children will turn to a family law attorney in Houston when they are faced with a legal matter such as divorce, child custody disputes, etc.

Of all the issues that are unique in familial situations, divorce and legal separation rank among the top issues that a family law attorney is faced with. In a divorce action, one spouse will institute the proceedings; this individual is known as the plaintiff in the action while the other spouse is the defendant. On behalf of the client, who can be either the plaintiff or defendant, the attorney will attempt to settle all issues which include an equitable division of marital property and issues concerning child custody, child support and visitation and in some cases, spousal support. In the greatest majority of cases the divorce is settled between the parties however, if need be the case will be heard by a judge who will make a final disposition.

It’s not always bad:

Typically, a family law attorney in Houston is involved when a relationship goes bad, there are many times however when the attorney is involved with people going through a good time. A good example is adoption; there are several complex stages of an adoption procedure to ensure the legality of the adoption. In some cases the birth parents may retain certain rights of access to the child while in other cases the birth parents must give up all rights to the child.

Family law attorneys also deal in the future:

Family law attorneys are also involved in future issues. Although the division of marital assets and issues concerning children are subject to certain laws and rules, couples may decide in their wisdom to override the rules by entering into a pre-nuptial agreement. This agreement sets out in advance how things will happen in the event of a future divorce. At the same time, the family law attorney in Houston will often set up trust funds for children that may be born in the future.

When domestic relationships are involved the parties will often turn to a family law attorney in Houston to guide them through any legality. You are welcome to discuss your situation with Trey Yates Law.


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