Why Visit the Dentist Twice a Year, Keep Healthy Teeth in Chicago Loop

Visiting the dentist isn’t one of your most favorite things to do, and you may put it off because you’re busy or anxious. However, dental visits ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible, which means you’re more likely to keep them pain-free and in your mouth. Residents in Chicago Loop shouldn’t skip these checkups, even if they have no insurance or are a little fearful. You’ll find that they can do much more than clean your teeth and may also help your mouth feel better.

Oral Cancer

With a fancy blue-lighted machine that is moved over the teeth and back of the throat, dentists can tell almost immediately if you have or are at risk for oral cancer. It is a painless procedure that can save your life and your teeth.

Cavities, Plaque and Tartar (Oh My)

Sometimes called the trifecta by the dentist, plaque and tartar can form on any person’s teeth, even those who brush and floss twice a day. However, when the buildup gets to be too much, the bacteria in the tartar (solidified plaque) can eat away at the enamel of your tooth. People in Chicago Loop can then develop cavities, which must be filled and treated. By getting that plaque and tartar off your teeth at regular intervals (twice a year), you can protect your teeth from decay.

Gum Disease

Likewise, many people develop gum disease because they either don’t floss, use the wrong toothbrush or don’t keep up with oral hygiene at all. Plus, dental visits can also help prevent gum disease because the plaque/tartar buildup means bacteria can affect the gums, too.

Visit the dentist in Chicago Loop is one of the only ways to keep your teeth healthy and prevent decay/disease. Visit Pure Dental Spa to learn more.

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