Why Use IV Hydration For Your Hangover?

If you toss a few too many back on a Friday night, chances are you are going to wake up with one massive hangover on Saturday morning. Gone are the days that saw you having to bite the bullet, toss back the hair of the dog that bit you, and swallow a few aspirin and a ton of scalding coffee to even start the day. Now, you can try IV hydration in Boca Raton, FL to help rehydrate and cure that nasty hangover. Since dehydration contributes to those awful hangover symptoms, here are a few of the benefits of IV hydration as opposed to just drinking a bunch of water.

IV Fluids Hydrate Faster

It has been proven that IV hydration in Boca Raton, FL hydrates your body much faster than gulping water, which honestly can end in you hanging over the commode for a while. With water, it takes quite a bit of time to actually hydrate your body, with IV hydration your body starts to rehydrate right away, which cures the hangover much faster.

IV Hydration, The Cure For Nausea

If you ask most anyone that has ever drank, they will tell you that the worst part of the hangover is the unrelenting nausea. Even if you didn’t drink to the point where you are throwing up, you may have a tough time eating or drinking anything due to the nausea. IV hydration is the best cure for this as well, instead of just lying in bed and riding it out.

The answer is simple: IV hydration at Infuzio Medspa in Boca Raton, FL. Infuzio’s hydration therapy will quickly cure your hangover. If you want to hydrate faster and get rid of the nausea quickly, then it’s the best solution. For more information, contact the professionals at Infuzio at 561-571-8579 or visit during office hours at 2650 N. Military Trail Suite 140, Boca Raton, FL 33431.


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