Why Use Grain Bins in Oregon?

Grain is produced in huge quantities in the United States, so it’s no wonder that there is a need for huge equipment to handle it all. This equipment is generally produced to fit two markets: farmers and processors. Farmers need to be able to harvest and then store their grain until they have enough to sell it to their customers. Since farms can range from a few acres all the way up to several thousand acres, there is a wide range of variety in the sizes of the equipment made for this market.

Commercial processors, on the other hand, tend to be giant operations. There are still a few local grain mills left, but they are getting rarer every year. Therefore, this market is served with massive equipment meant to store the output from several farms and then allow it to be processed in short order.

One example of equipment used by both farmers and processors is the grain bin. Grain bins Oregon are usually made of coated steel. Steel does not harbor or admit insects like brick, cement block, or wood. While bugs can still fly in through the doors and other access ports, they face much more hindrance than they otherwise would. Steel also is not conducive to the growth of mold like a more organically-friendly material would be. Finally, it is a very strong material. These benefits are the big drivers for the preference for modern steel options.

On farms, these bins tend to be quite a bit smaller than those used at processing facilities. It’s possible to get ones that are sized to hold just a few acres’ worth of wheat or corn, or big ones that can hold much more. When a farm is very large, however, it typically uses several big grain bins Oregon instead of one or two massive ones. This is likely in part because they can replace their existing ones over a long period of time this way instead of having to make a huge investment all at once. Processors, on the other hand, tend to use multiple bins that are all of the largest size available. They will also get peripheral equipment like lifters, conveyors, and other such things in order to make the operation run at maximum efficiency. Either way, grain bins are some of the most essential items for producers and processors of grain crops.

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