Why Tribal Tattoos in San Diego CA are Popular

We all know that tattooing is not something new. In fact, the art and practice of tattooing is thousands of years old, as we have repeatedly found mummies more than 5000 years old with tattoos (as in the case of & Oumltzi ). The point is that the top designs existed, broadened and intertwined, ending in a point, becoming a common factor for all mankind. If you want to know a little more about Tribal tattoos in San Diego CA, continue reading.

In the past 50 years this type of design has had a revival, returning to be the most common type of tattoo on the planet. Of course, hence its name, it started as a design belonging to the tribes and clans of old, with special mention of Polynesian, Maori and Samoan tribes. However, it should also be noted that although these are examples that are more easily recognizable. Some civilizations that are even older had similar tattoos, such as the Vikings.

Historical and symbolic value in tribal tattoos

Historically, tribal tattoos were provided to each member of a group. Their design is credited with the power of protection and were used for religious or spiritual purposes. They were part of a tradition in different cultures as well as a brand that symbolized the passage to adulthood, manhood, courage and valor. However, this was not always the case and in some cultures. Tattoos are not necessarily linked to masculinity, especially with so many women having tribal tattoos. In other groups, especially in the ancient tribes of Oceania and Maori, tribal tattoos were a symbol denoting social status, power and prestige.

All these connotations had much to do with the practice of tattooing itself, for instance, the manner in which these designs were engraved on the skin. Very rudimentary tools requiring hours and hours of deep punctures throughout the body, in some places that can be somewhat complicated today (the face), were used. Tattooing back then was not as simple as in our day, people endured massive pain and it took a lot of courage. In recent decades the resurgence of Tribal tattoos in San Diego CA has allowed people to gain beautiful artwork without having to go through extreme pain.


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