Whether you love foreign cars or not, the Swedish automaker has your best interests at heart. They have focused most of their tactics on creating the safest vehicle available on the market, which gave them a marketing advantage that is still used today. Government officials have created new rules and regulations when it comes to safety, which is why many manufacturers are now gearing up and making safer cars. However, the Volvo S90 in Barrington is a new sedan that will come with what the company refers to as IntelliSafe and many other benefits and features.

What Is IntelliSafe?

This system includes a vast array of features that are designed for safety purposes. It includes radars, sensors, cameras, lane-departure warnings, lane-keep assist, run-off-road mitigations, driver-alert controls, blind-spot information, Park Assist Pilots and rear-collision warnings.

It will also include Pilot Assist, which can offer two driving speeds and City Safety, which prevents you from hitting a pedestrian and keeps you from hitting a moose.

Why So Many Safety Features?

From the manufacturer that seemed to dictate safety and safe driving, it’s no wonder that the Volvo S90 is designed with safety, as well as comfort, in mind.


The new version, when compared to the S80, has front axles that were moved forward over seven inches, a reduced front overhang, and a lengthier hood. All of these styling points may be unnoticeable for many, but it gives the sedan an appearance more frequent of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, even though it is a front-wheel-drive.

Likewise, the roof seems to sweep into the trunk, which gives it the appearance of a coupe without sacrificing comfort and drivability.

The Volvo S90 in Barrington will turn heads, so visit McGrath Volvo Cars now to start searching and pick yours.

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