Why the Ford Taurus Is Still a Popular Family Car to This Day

The Ford Taurus is a model that has been around for more than two decades. To this day, it’s still in the top 10 in its class on sites like US News. It would be an excellent choice for your next vehicle. Here’s why:

New Classy Look

The Taurus has a highly elegant body. In fact, its look is so luxurious that it’s easy to confuse the Taurus with a luxury vehicle. It’s a top-notch model from the curvy indents to the snazzy rims.

Affordable Price Tag

Although the Taurus is a classy looking model, it doesn’t carry a super-high price tag that makes it unattainable. You will be able to qualify for financing if you visit a reliable Ford dealer in Barrington. The Taurus’s price tag is less than $30,000, and you can receive a wonderful finance deal if you work with seasoned specialists at the Ford dealer in Barrington.

Massive Horsepower

You will love the Taurus if you’re a fan of horsepower. The model is no slouch when it comes to putting the pep in its step. You can count on getting a massive amount of horsepower that varies from 288 to 365 depending on which model you buy. You’ll still get one heck of a kick out of it even if you decide to go with the base model.

Those should be enough reasons for you to invest in the Ford Taurus for yourself and your family. It’s a good all-around car that will perform for you in every way possible. You can inquire about the model through a salesperson at a reputable dealership. That person can help you begin your application process to become a new Taurus owner.

Contact Arlington Heights Ford and to find out some additional information about the Taurus. You’ll be glad you did.


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