Why People Trust These Passionate Cerebral Palsy Lawyers in Providence, RI

Cerebral palsy is diagnosed in upwards of 200,000 cases each year right here in the United States. This disorder impacts movement with an emphasis on muscle tone, posture, and balance. This is a lifetime condition that does not yet have a cure. This is called congenital cerebral palsy if the condition happened during pregnancy or during birth.

Keep reading to learn why so many parents trust these passionate cerebral palsy lawyers in Providence, RI.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy Explained

Once thought to occur mostly as a result of lack of oxygen getting to the infant’s brain during pregnancy or during the birth process itself, this is not always the case as more recent medical research shows. Most cases of cerebral palsy happen before birth.

It should be noted that doctors may not find evidence of the disorder until a few months after birth, and cerebral palsy can be caused after birth while the brain is still in its developmental stages.

This time period can include the preschool-age years. A traumatic brain injury or a serious infection, like meningitis or encephalitis, that occurs during infancy may also result in cerebral palsy. These are considered acquired cerebral palsy cases.

Know the Risk Factors for Cerebral Palsy

Parents who notice developmental delays, involuntary movements, muscle-related issues, balance problems, or other symptoms should contact their doctor immediately. Young children should be carefully monitored after a head injury, bad infection or following a stroke or seizures. Talk to cerebral palsy lawyers from Providence, RI.


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