Why Marriage Island is the Right Choice for Your Big Day

The heaven on Earth, Marriage Island is considered one of the best venues for your wedding due to several reasons. The unique, ethereal and natural venue offers the most scenic outdoor backgrounds for cherishing every moment of your big day. Here are some reasons which make Marriage Island the right choice for your big day.

The Natural Beauty

Situated in Downtown San Antonio, the island became famous with this name due to infinite wedding ceremonies performed here. The heart-shaped San Antonio Riverwalk is considered a good luck charm by the guides and a majority of the couples. The scenic wedding venue is located just in front of the Hotel Contessa.

The natural beauty drips from every petal of the colorful flowers surrounding the Riverwalk. When a couple holding hands walks through the Riverwalk to take vows in the center of the heart, it looks like an extract of a romantic fantasy movie.

At night, the trees, bushes and flowers are lit with colorful lights and free candles are left to float in the river. The newlywed couple may also touch the candles while cruising through the river in small boats. The venue can be customized on choice of the couple. For example, a couple once asked for neon lit Victoria which certainly completed their fairytale.

Making it On Budget

This backyard-style wedding venue is quite inexpensive especially for couples who want to wed on budget. Marriage Island is a purely natural venue with stone River Walkway. You don’t need to spend extra money on decorations or flowers. You also don’t need to travel to the studio or find an exotic photography venue. What else than Marriage Island can be more beautiful to ornament your photographs?

Choice and Availability

San Antonio Riverwalk is a popular place where around 360 weddings are hosted every year. For availability, you need to book the venue a few weeks before the big day. If you have planned everything on time, then the venue will definitely be available to you. For getting the eservices and booking the venue, you need to contact the Ministry of San Antonio.


The unique Marriage Island is listed among the top 10 most beautiful and romantic wedding venues of the world. In the US, it is listed among the top 5 most romantic locations for tying the knot. The historic more than 100 years old Cypress tree has witnessed thousands of weddings on the Riverwalk. The tree stands there with all pride, untouched and royal.

If you have decided to get married on the fortune charm Marriage Island then don’t forget to visit the shopping centers, world class hotels and exceptional dining in the city with your partner.


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