Why Legal Help with Rental Claims in Greenfield, MA Matters

Tenants sometimes find themselves faced with a situation that requires retaining legal counsel. One example has to do with sustaining an injury due to the negligence of the property owner. When the owner is not willing to take responsibility for the injury, the only thing left to do is hire an attorney who knows all about filing Rental Claims in Greenfield MA.

Going Over the Course of Events

Before any Rental Claims in Greenfield MA, can be filed, the attorney will want to go over all the related events carefully. The goal is to establish that the injury is directly related to the property and its upkeep in some manner. For example, if the injury occurred because of a short in the wiring or a structural issue, there is a good chance that the insurance carried by the landlord will be responsible for covering all medical and other costs related to the event.

Handling the Communications

Along with providing support in filing the claim, the attorney will also assume control of all communications related to the situation. This means that if representatives of the insurance company attempt to talk with the client, they should be referred to the attorney. The point of this approach is to ensure all discussions and other forms of communication are properly documented. With an attorney handling all communications, there will never be a question of what was said by any party. That makes it much harder to find a way to shift part of the blame for the injury to the client.

Taking the Matter to Court

If the insurance company balks at honoring the claim or is unwilling to provide a reasonable settlement, the only remaining course of action is to file suit and take the matter to court. Rest assured the attorney will prepare a case that ensures all the relevant facts are brought out during the proceedings.

For any tenant who needs help with some sort of rental claim, contact the team at Daniel and Fontaine LLC today. After the first consultation, it will be possible to open negotiations with the responsible party and, hopefully, resolve the matter in a way that is in the best interests of the client. You can also visit them on Twitter  for more details.


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