Why Laser Alignment in San Antonio Is So Important

Any machines that feature rotating components will become misaligned over time. The key is to keep the machine on a regular schedule of alignments so serious damage does not occur. As more and more factories and manufacturing processes become automated, there is a greater need for Laser Alignment in San Antonio than ever before. Here are a few strong reasons why preventive maintenance is key to keeping the machines properly running.

Power Usage

When a machine is misaligned, it suffers increased friction of all moving parts. This means it is consuming more power to operate than it normally would. By ensuring the shaft and other moving parts are aligned correctly, the savings on the cost of energy use alone is significant, not to mention the wear and tear on the machine itself.

Seal Life

A severely misaligned machine can have disastrous consequences for the seals on a machine. A laser alignment in San Antonio will protect not only the machine itself but will also lengthen the life of the seals. An increase in the quality of the product being manufactured can be seen as can a decline in the amount of vibration the machine is subject to.

Repairs Savings

Another significant cost savings often overlooked is the reduction in repairs the machines will need going forward. These savings are multi-fold. There is the reduction of downtime the machines are subject to, thus increasing productivity. There is also the decrease in labor costs because the maintenance crew will not need to fix the machines as frequently as in the past. A hidden cost reduction is the decrease in storage space needed for replacement parts. This reduced need for storage space can turn into an increase of production space, thus increasing revenue for the company.

Schedule an appointment with an experienced laser alignment company and they can let you know exactly how they can be of benefit to the business. Lost time and lost productivity both equal lost revenue. In these competitive times, no business can afford to reduce the amount of money they are making. Laser alignment can make them competitive on a greater scale.








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