Why It’s Important to Improve Your Web Design in Ponte Vedra Beach

Like it or not, your website says a lot about your company. In this day and age, whether you’re a business that takes customers at a physical location or one that can provide services nationally, your website is the first thing that many customers will see.

In the past, businesses would obtain the majority of their customers via word-of-mouth advertising, billboards, or newspaper listings.

Although the design has always been important, when it comes to web design, look and feel has never been so distinguishable. Fair or not, when potential clients visit our website, they make instant judgments about us.

If our website is slow, difficult to navigate, or unattractive, these potentials customers may pass us over and look elsewhere for their needs.

Seeing a web design that’s dated may lead visitors to believe that you aren’t truly invested in your business. Studies have shown that even minor elements in a website’s design can influence a visitor’s buying decisions.

What elements of your business’s web design do you need to be concerned with?


Above all else, you website needs to be fast.

First, the search engine providers require your site to be fast for them to rank it within the first pages of their search results. For a couple of years now, major search engine providers have penalized websites that are slow.

But besides being important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes, performance also affects visitors that land on your site. How often do you visit websites that routinely take more than a few seconds to load?

In fact, most internet users will wait no more than a few seconds for a page to load before they leave a website.

Outside of page speed, it’s also important that your visitors don’t run into errors. A great web design will make your website a fantastic performer.


The way a user navigates your site is also an extremely important aspect of a good design.

If it’s not easy for your visitor to find what they need, they will end up leaving. You could lose many customers if it’s difficult for them to find your phone number, your address, or your hours of operation. Make sure that these critical pieces of information are readily available.


Unfortunately, people do judge books by their covers. An attractive web design will make your visitors feel more comfortable with your business. It will help reassure them that your company will provide them with a quality experience.


When a visitor lands on your website, you have only a few precious moments to make an impression on them. Effective branding will help them to remember who you are, which could result in them becoming a repeat customer.

Your logo, colors, fonts, and many other elements all contribute to effective branding.

Without question, a great web design in Ponte Vedra Beach, will help your business thrive.


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