Why It Pays To Use A CNC Turning Service

Turning is not a new technology and has been used in shaping parts throughout history. Today, most production shops will provide a CNC turning service, which offers several benefits to the OEM or the customer.

One of the benefits of turning is the ability to quickly shape the workpiece through the use of a cutting tool that moves linearly down the piece while the workpiece itself is rotated. This makes turning an ideal option for removing material off of the outside of a workpiece. When the same process is used to shape the interior of a workpiece, the process is referred to as boring.

Precision Work

There are still some shops that offer manual types of turning, but the technology, precision and accuracy available through CNC turning service makes this the optimal choice for production.

The entire machine is controlled by a computer, with all aspects of the process from the speed of rotation to the movement of the cutting tool precisely controlled. This results in finished pieces which are not only identical to each other but also shaped to the exacting specifications of the original CAD/CAM drawing on the computer.

Faster Production With Less Waste

With the automation of the turning process and even the loading of the component into the machine, a Precision CNC turning service is a very fast and efficient system. There is also extremely limited waste, which means a saving to the OEM or customer.

As each piece will be produced to the required standards, quality control can be maintained to the tightest required tolerances. This is essential in many industries including aerospace, medical devices and in applications in refineries and processing plants.

Although commonly used for metals and alloys, CNC turning can be completed on a wide variety of different materials. This includes resins, plastics and even exotic alloys which may be very difficult to shape using other machining methods.


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