Why Humor is an Important Motivator in Business

Using appropriate conversation and interaction in order to keep people motivated can be difficult in some office environments. The threatening demeanor often displayed by many managers is not so much a motivator as a fear driven tactic whereas the overly casual “one of the boys” humorous approach can often be misconstrued as inappropriate. However, when humor is done well it is by far the more effective of the two approaches. Many motivational humorous speakers Chicago companies hire can do wonders to help get teams back on track and offer the following benefits:

  • Productivity: Despite popular belief a touch of humor and fun in the office can prove to increase productivity. The strict view that people chatting and laughing in the office is a sign no one is working is not as true as many senior managers would like to think. Humor infuses passion and eagerness that usually translates into enthusiasm to work. When you use humor to present assignments and new goals or to help alleviate tense situations in the workplace there will be a noticeable change of mood and focus.
  • Morale Booster: Humor is a great morale booster and can be used to diffuse tense and unpleasant situations. When someone has lost a job, changes have been made to structure or things have not gone as planned a good dose of work appropriate humor can help the team regain their composure and feel more hopeful that things can keep moving forward. A doom and gloom speech is not going to be as effective as a speech that looks at things with a more light hearted approach that will alleviate stress and boost morale.
  • Trust Building: Humor can also help build trust. There is something about humor that helps create bonds. The most common way to use humor in the workplace is as asides between close co-workers in a more conspiratorial way. This confidence can be shared within groups as well to make people feel they are part of something larger. Staff can feel they are trusted enough to be present when fun is being poked at management or the business in general. As long as it does not become too disrespectful, this light hearted approach makes people feel like they are privy to information and part of the “in” crowd.

Humor plays an important role in the modern office as an approachable way to involve staff, boost morale and increase productivity. Motivational humorous speakers Chicago offices hire can help recharge the spirit of the company.


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