Why Homeowners Should Consider an Aerobic Septic Tank

An Aerobic Septic Tank is commonly used in system replacements and new home construction. These systems have been in use for years, but they are becoming increasingly common because of changing regulations. Here, homeowners can learn several benefits of aerobic septic systems.

They Can Provide a Higher Level of Internal Treatment

Treated effluent (waste) is cleaner when it’s routed through an aerobic system than when a standard system is used, and most treatment occurs within the soil in the drain field. Therefore, there’s less of a chance of water contamination when an aerobic system is used.

An Aerobic System Can be Used in Rocky or Clay Soils

Most treatment occurs within the system’s aerobic unit, which means the aerobic system has no specific soil requirements for waste treatment.

Aerobic Systems can be Installed in Challenging Settings

Even if a property has suitable soil, other criteria like setback requirements, surface improvements, and access must be met. In many cases, a lot may be large enough for a conventional system, but other factors may prevent the installation. An Aerobic Septic Tank is adaptable, making it a good choice in a challenging setting.

These Systems are Eco-Friendly

Water used throughout the home in bathtubs, showers, sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines is recycled for lawn watering when an aerobic system is used. The water goes through the system for treatment before it’s sprayed onto the lawn through connected sprinkler heads.

Maintenance is Very Important

An aerobic septic system is more complicated than a conventional septic tank, and it must be checked three times per year to ensure the proper function of all parts. Due to the complexity of these systems, DIY service is not recommended. Keeping the system properly maintained and using it properly can help it achieve the highest possible treatment level.

While there are many advantages to aerobic septic systems, there are a few things to consider as well. By considering these factors and learning about system maintenance, a homeowner can keep the system running smoothly for years. Visit Texasprideseptic.com or give them a call with questions and concerns or to schedule an appointment for service.


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