Why Hiring a Divorce Attorney Is A Good Idea

Each state varies, at least to a degree, on how the courts handle divorces or dissolution of marriages when the spouses become unable to continue in their marital arrangement. In addition to the actual dissolution of the marriage, there are often the issues of how to divide assets and debts, who gets what kind of custody of the children, visitation schedules with those children, and how much child support is to be paid and for how long.

While every state allows a party to represent themselves in a divorce proceeding, the Florida laws are both complicated and change regularly and have some unique features. Thus, it is hard for a person without a legal background to be effective. That’s why hiring a divorce attorney in Jacksonville, Fl. is a good idea if any issues in the case are disputed or if the other spouse has hired a lawyer.

There are many reasons a person in a divorce in Florida should hire a lawyer. The first reason is that if you aren’t a divorce attorney in Jacksonville, Fl., you won’t understand the way the court system works. Parties who represent themselves are held to the same standards as an attorney, and a judge is not allowed to help you.
The next reason a party should hire a divorce lawyer is that divorces are, by their nature, emotional. Unfortunately, most aspects of a divorce action require the case be looked at objectively, which most parties cannot do. The lawyer will also be able to recommend options that a non-lawyer may not even be aware of.

Hiring a lawyer will also reduce the stress on the party. This will be true for a number of reasons, including the divorce taking less time and the lawyer preparing and filing the correct paperwork. A divorce can require not only the divorce petition and decree, but can also include deeds, contracts, and other legal forms.


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