Why Foundation Repair in Orlando, FL is so Common

In Orlando, Florida, existing homes, as well as newly constructed homes, will be devoid of a basement space. Because water table levels are so high, basement spaces are virtually unheard of in this area of Central Florida. This means that the foundation of homes that are built in Orlando and the surrounding areas are concrete slabs. Concrete slabs make excellent foundations for a home, but they can be compromised, and this can be an especially significant problem in the Central Florida area.

One of the big issues that affect the foundation of a home is moisture. Moisture can compromise the foundation in a number of ways, and these sorts of structural compromises may require professional foundation repair in Orlando FL.

One of the reasons why this is a significant problem in Orlando has to do with the high water table in the soil, and the amount of rainfall that this area gets on a yearly basis. All people have to do is dig down a few feet and they’re likely to run into the water. This can be a significant problem for concrete foundations. In addition, with springtime and afternoon thunderstorms over the summer, a great deal of moisture can accumulate in the soil around the home. This moisture can deteriorate the soil around and underneath the foundation, causing it to dip or to shift. In these cases, parts of the foundation can actually break off from the main slab.

Services that offer professional foundation repair in Orlando FL will often use slab jacking to strengthen the foundation. This is where a grout mixture is pumped underneath the foundation to float it back into a level position. In addition, making sure that water moves away from the home by repairing gutters, and changing the undulation of the property around the home to move water away, will be necessary to prevent problems in the future.

Foundation problems can be significant and, if ignored, they can threaten the structural stability of the home. This could cause significant damage to the home, and it can even make the home unsafe to occupy. That’s why, if you fear that you have a problem with the foundation on which your home sits upon, it may be time to contact a professional foundation repair company. If you need to know more about these services, you can Contact us here.


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