Why Fatigue is a Major Reason to See a Doctor in Maui

Most often, fatigue is obvious: overworked, stressed, depressed, etc. A little rest and the body is rejuvenated. But sometimes fatigue remains unexplained. Going to a Doctor in Maui could help.

How should one react? When should people consult a physician? To find out more, read the text below.

Are there several types of fatigue?

To list the causes of fatigue, several hours would be necessary. If you open a medical encyclopedia, fatigue appears as a symptom of numerous medical issues from the first page to the last page. No scanning or miracle tests can diagnose or cure fatigue.

More than any other condition, only a clinical examination can shed light on its origin.

When should folks consult a doctor?

In most cases, it is enough for one to take a step back to find the cause of fatigue. Some people say they are exhausted because they are being overworked. Others will say they are a victim of stress, while some state they are depressed or cannot sleep.

If the patient is not able to find an obvious reason for his or her lack of energy and if resting remains ineffective, a consultation with a Doctor in Maui is necessary. Fatigue is not necessarily serious, but it can simply be distressing for the patient. In fact, fatigue could hide a previously unseen illness.

What affections hide behind fatigue?

All affections have one common symptom: fatigue. From iron deficiency to endocarditis via hypothyroidism or hepatitis C or AIDS, fatigue is always present. Some fatigues remain unexplained because a certain degree of clinical investigation has not been set.

If it is superficial, two-thirds of the cases remain unexplained. But today, general practitioners find the causes and determine the proper treatment in four out of five cases. Unexplained cases are oriented towards internal medicine, which, in one-third of cases, will cause depression, and in a quarter of cases hypersomnia and various other conditions.

Can fatigue be a disease in its own right?

Yes, chronic fatigue syndrome is a real disease. The patients suffer from profound asthenia which handicaps their daily life. The problem is that this condition has been characterized only by a diagnosis of exclusion, until now.

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