Why Dublin Sales Coaching Is So Important

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Education and Training


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Most salespeople focus on that dreaded V word – value. While it seems like a safe point and all customers want it, the goal isn’t to use that strategy alone. It works well for showing the features and benefits of the product, but after that’s done, you need to know how to close that deal without lowering costs or getting the dreaded “let me think about it.” Dublin sales coaching can help your team learn the difference between value and the value of buying the product from your company. They want it, but they can find it from many competitors, too, so it makes sense that you step up and showcase yourself in the best light.

An Example

If you think about selling like a doctor/patient team, you’ll understand more of why value isn’t enough. The doctor prescribes a cholesterol medication to the patient because it will reduce their cholesterol and keep them healthy. However, they also have to factor in how that drug reacts with others and whether or not the patient needs it at all. Salespeople should do the same things. They must determine if the need is there, what other features are essential, and what things the customer may have at home that can also do the job.

Why You Need It

Using the above scenario, you can see that traditional training isn’t enough. Most people memorize the product information, but they rarely go further. Dublin sales coaching gets them out of their shell and helps them think for themselves. Selling isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition, but most companies and employees treat it as such.

The goal is to find out what their strengths and weaknesses are and work on fixing the problems, all while playing to their strengths, ensuring that they learn and grow while doing their job.

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