Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Detroit?

Insurance companies will work hard to convince you that you do NOT need a personal injury lawyer in Detroit.  Far too many times the insurance companies are able to convince victims that what they are offering is fair but rarely it is. When you are injured and in pain it is not the time to be making decisions that can affect the rest of your life.  Are you sure that you will not need medical care in the future? Many times what may seem to be a minor injury may turn into something far worse. The body goes into a state of shock following an injury as a protection mechanism, so you really cannot judge how extensive the injury is for weeks sometimes. You may feel pressured to sign documents but you should NOT.

Protect Your Rights

A personal injury lawyer has one goal in mind and that is to ensure that your rights are protected.  The insurance adjuster has one goal in mind and that is to satisfy the boss.  Your protection and your rights are not really important to the claims adjuster. They have to protect the insurance company from loss, after all that is where their paycheck comes from.  You have the right to medical care at a facility of your choice. You have the right to:

   * Lost wages
   * Compensation for pain and suffering
   * Travel expenses for medical appointments
   * Ongoing medical care

The claims adjuster wants you to accept a small payment as soon as possible to close the case out but if you do you may forfeit the right to wage loss. Are you sure that this injury will not flair up again? If you are not than you need a personal injury lawyer to ensure that there will be compensation for the pain and suffering.  You can be compensated for the cost of getting back and forth to the doctor but if you sign a release you can write that off.  If you think you may need ongoing medical care than you need a lawyer in your corner to make sure you get it. Without a personal injury lawyer your rights are at risk.

Before You Talk to Anyone

Before you take that call from the insurance claims adjuster get the advice of a trusted personal injury lawyer in Detroit that will put your best interest first.  The insurance companies have teams of lawyers protecting their interests. You just need one!

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