Why Do Some People Suffer From Tooth Sensitivity?

There are many issues that can lead to increased tooth sensitivity for a person. Unfortunately, this dental issue can begin to cause serious problems in a person’s day-to-day life. Thankfully, there are treatments available from the Dentist in Tacoma Wa. Individuals need to know what they can expect from treatment so they will be prepared.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can sometimes be caused by damage done by decay. When the tooth becomes damaged, this leaves openings that can lead to nerve exposure. When the nerve is exposed, any hot or cold extremes can lead to pain sensations.

Patients can also experience tooth sensitivity when their enamel becomes worn. The wearing down of the enamel leads to microscopic openings in the teeth. These openings allow for nerve exposure which can cause pain ranging from mild to severe, depending on how worn the enamel becomes.

How Can the Dentist Help?

It is imperative a person sees the dentist as soon as the symptoms begin to occur. The dentist will examine the patient to determine what is causing their sensitivity. After the examination, X-rays may be taken to rule out any decay or injury.

One of the ways the dentist treats tooth sensitivity is by coating the teeth with a strong Fluoride coating that helps to strengthen the enamel. The dentist may also prescribe a Flouride gel to be used at home after brushing. When used consistently, this will slowly decrease sensitivity and improve discomfort.

In severe cases of tooth sensitivity, the teeth can be covered with crowns which help to shield them from being exposed to food, drink, and temperature changes which can bring on pain. The dentist can also perform a root canal and remove the nerve to make sure no further pain sensations will be felt.

If you are dealing with tooth sensitivity and would like to schedule an appointment with the Dentist in Tacoma Wa, call the office. They will be happy to treat your tooth sensitivity so you can overcome the pain and discomfort.

With an examination and X-rays, the dentist can determine what is causing your discomfort so you can find relief. Call today to get started right away.

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