Why Do People Get Bunions?

One of the common problems that a podiatrist in Hyde Park sees is bunions. A bunion usually appears on the outside of the big toe although they can also appear on the outside of the little toe. You know you have a bunion if the connection of the toe to your foot has a sore swelling. Although they appear as a bump they are a little more complicated than that.

Facts about bunions:

Bunions Hyde Park have a tendency to develop when the pressure on the foot is uneven on all the joints, this has a tendency to make the joint of the big toe unstable which in turn impacts the toe joint creating a swelling that extends beyond the shape of a normal foot.

* Bunions most frequently affect the big toe but can also affect the outside of the foot

* More women than men suffer from bunions

The podiatrist in Hyde Park can treat bunions with special foot supports, medication or surgery.

It is an amazing statistic; more than 50 percent of American women have bunions. Although there are several things that cause bunions it is thought that shoes which fit too tight and taper at the toe are the primary cause. Shoes that are too tight, shoes such as high heels and shoes with narrow toes can also cause corns, calluses and hammer toes. Although shoes are a principal cause of bunions they can also be attributed to a congenital defect where the foot bones do not form properly at birth as well as arthritis and injury.

To minimize the risk never attempt to force your foot into an ill fitting shoe. Make sure that you select shoes that conform to your foot shape. Shoes with wide insteps and broad toes are by far the best choice.

Diagnosis and treatment:

The podiatrist will assess the foot and consider bunions to be the cause if the symptoms noted are present. The podiatrist will confirm the initial diagnosis with X-Rays.

If wearing soft comfortable shoes with a wide toe box does not relieve the problem surgery may be required to correct the deformity. There are a number of bunion repair techniques that the podiatrist can use. Following the surgery care must be exercised in order to maintain the proper alignment of the toe and metatarsal. It is usual to have several follow up visits to the podiatrist in Hyde Park to re-wrap the foot and to inspect the site for any complications.

If you are suffering pain caused by bunions there are ways that a podiatrist in Hyde Park can help. You are invited to contact Mitchell Foot & Ankle.


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