Why Consider Mercury Spill Kits

While many companies have gone to mercury-free devices and products, some may have to work with such items, either because they manufacture them or need their precision. However, even small quantities of this toxin can be poisonous. The problem is that it can be inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Mild exposure can cause hallucinations, delirium, and suicidal thoughts, while severe exposure can cause muscle spasms and death. This toxin can be stored in the spleen, brain, blood, kidneys, liver, fatty tissues, and bones, and could remain in the body for many days, which is why spill kits designed for such a poison are available for use.

You must choose spill kits that are designed to handle mercury because it requires specialty materials and accessories. The kit you select has to be able to deal with minor leaks and major spillage. It must also contain appropriate methods for disposal and include the items required for both clean-up and disposal. You should also ensure that proper protocols and policies are in place to handle such emergencies and only allow the kit to be used by someone who is trained to do so.

At EcoSpill, you get high-quality products and accessories. However, it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get the best service possible because they can provide onsite training for response management. They will also come to the site regularly to check/restock the kit according to your preferred schedule. You never have to worry that you’ll run out of the accessories needed to clean up the mess, because they’ve got you covered.

They also have a variety of other kit options so that you can get one-stop shopping for all your spillage kit needs.

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