Why Businesses are Turning to a Mobile Destruction Unit In Orange County, CA

For old bank statements and credit card statements, an individual can often use a paper shredder that they purchased a retail location to adequately handle the job of shredding. However, when it comes to businesses, a higher level of shredding is necessary. Because of sensitive business and client information existing on old documentation, a business will need to ensure that these documents are destroyed completely. That is where a Mobile Destruction Unit In Orange County CA can come in quite handy.

How Things Were Done in the Past

In the past, when businesses needed commercial shredding services for old documentation, they would have to send this documentation to a centralized destruction facility. The downside to this particular method was that the documents would’ve change hands quite a bit before reaching the destruction facility, increasing the chances of the information being stolen. With mobile shredding services, a number of these downsides have been eliminated.

Hand Delivering Items for Destruction

Today, mobile shredding services can come to a business and the business can hand-deliver documentation or devices that need to be destroyed. In addition, the business can witness the documentation or computer devices being destroyed by the equipment housed in a mobile shredding vehicle. Once the documents or the electronic devices have been completely destroyed, the business will receive a certificate of destruction. This is a guarantee from the shredding service that everything has been adequately shredded or destroyed.

Why a Certificate of Destruction is Important

This certificate is not only a guarantee of destruction, but it is also a guarantee that any information on the documents that were shredded or the computer devices that were destroyed is unrecoverable. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for residential paper shredders or software used to wipe a memory card or a computer hard drive.

If your business has mountains of old paper documents that are no longer being used, but is far too sensitive to simply throw out, a Mobile Destruction Unit In Orange County CA may be precisely what your business has been looking for. With the convenience of mobile shredding services provided by Shred Confidential Inc., and the ability to witness the documents or computer devices being destroyed, these services can give a business peace of mind knowing their sensitive information is properly taken care of.


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