Why a Marrying Couple Should Speak with a Prenuptial Agreement Law Attorney in Allentown, PA

When a couple gets married, the last thing they want to think about is divorce. However, there are certain planning issues that will need to be taken into account if the worst happens. Planning ahead of time can make the division of assets much easier to work through if there is a prenuptial agreement in place. For this reason many couples decide to meet with a prenuptial agreement law attorney in Allentown, PA. With their help they can hammer out the following agreements on time:

A Wise Issue to Consider

Some people say that even broaching the subject of a prenuptial agreement means that an individual or couple is conceding that a divorce may one day be inevitable. While opinions vary on this particular issue, prenuptial agreements, especially for couples bringing property and other assets into a marriage, can be an extremely wise and savvy move.

Easily Dividing Assets

If one spouse brings in a fair amount of debt, assets or possessions into a marriage, the issue of possession in terms of who has the debt or who gets the assets will be easily definable if it ends in divorce. This makes the divorce proceedings and the question of who gets what much easier.

Avoid Getting a Raw Deal

In addition, prenuptial agreements can help people in particular situations. For example, if a prenuptial agreement states that the woman will stay home with any children from the marriage, this helps her get the proper financial restitution needed, as she didn’t go into the workforce and agreed to stay home to care for the children. Without a prenuptial agreement, the husband can argue that the woman refused to work and thus is entitled to little or no financial restitution.

There is a multitude of other nuances to prenuptial agreements. That’s why it’s important that a couple that wants to divide assets or makes thing easier if and when the marriage ends up in divorce should consider speaking with a prenuptial agreement law attorney in Allentown, PA. If you and your spouse would like to discuss these issues with a family law attorney, you may want to schedule an appointment at your soonest convenience.


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