Why a Lawyer Does Not Need to Prove Their Portland, OR, Client’s Innocence

The United States has a unique justice system. In the criminal courts, a person is considered innocent until their guilt can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. This is one of the highest standards for justice in the world. It sits in stark contrast with other countries that have a criminal system that views the accused as guilty until they can prove their innocence.

This emphasizes the important role that a criminal law attorney in Portland, OR, plays in protecting their clients. The legal system works on the principle that it is preferable to let a guilty person go free than it is to imprison an innocent individual. The job of a criminal defense attorney is to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case and create doubt that the client is guilty.

A criminal law attorney in Portland, OR, is ethically required to zealously defend their clients. It doesn’t matter their personal opinion of the case or of the individual who they are defending. This means that a criminal defense attorney is going to fight for their client, even if they know or believe that their client is guilty.

Attorneys cannot present evidence or arguments they know are false. Still, an attorney who knows their client is guilty can present a not guilty plea based not on legal guilt. Their focus could be poking holes in the prosecutor’s case and showing that the prosecutor has not proved their case or that their client’s constitutional rights were violated.

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